How a legend began...

Hi it's me covinfox the film director again.  How's everyone going?  I am seriously exhausted my those freaking high school assignments.  Can't my school take account of me that I am an exchange student?  Well.... think carefully, I hope it doesn't.  Because I want to improve, I want to be mature.  I want to challenge myself, then I will succeed become a film director in Hollywood.

Today we are going to look back my newest short film "NIGHTMARE?"  Think back of the time while I was still making the short.  It is the hardest project I have made so far, but I love the making process, I love how I insist my own opinions, how I strived. How I have been keeping the faith of never give up.

One of the hardest scene is the donut shop scene, I have to call the owner of the donut many times.  Then I have to keep calling my crews to make sure if they are surely free or not. (Though there are only four people total though.)  Anyway, I used to want to give up for many times.  Though I kept this mind, but one thing for sure is I will never give up before becoming a film director in Hollywood!!

Below are some still pictures of my newest short film "NIGHTMARE?"

My newest short film "NIGHTMARE?":

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  1. it is soooo coool! maybe we can work together sometimes !

  2. @eric Hsu: That's would be great!!! Which state are you staying in?

  3. @Eric Hsu: And could you please add me be your friend and subscribe to my youtube channel? I appreciate it a lot! Thank you....


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