Hollywood dream!~

Morning, sunshine! I opened my eyes at six. After decided to be a director, I tried my best to search any information about movies. I also mention about the place I want to work at-Hollywood. It's a brutal fact that you can't be a director in Taiwan, if you do, you probably will starve to die! I mean, you are going to run out of your money!
Because the technique here is not advanced enough, and the market is not big enough, and the most important part is government haven't paid attention to movies!
So~ what can I do to have more confidence of being a director? Simple! Do you guess it? The right answer is: Hollywood! Well, I am lucky enough because some of my relatives and my mother's friend they all live in America, so, living is not a big deal, concern about study, I want to study in the movie department of UCLA, I am trying my best to improve my english ability in an effective way. Before that, I am going to Australia because I am an exchange student, I hope I can start learning movies when I am there. I have so much confidence to myself. I believe I will do it, when sometimes I am tired, I will just tell to myself: Here I come, Hollywood!


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