Happy birthday, Emily!

2011/9/23: Fri.:

I am tired of my life which I was woken by radio, so I change it to
alarm clock, be honest, it got worse. I miss you radio man. I think I almost
ran out of my body battery, finally, it’s last school day this week. After
taking the shower, I walker down stair for my breakfast. I still felt sleepy
while I grabbed the cereal box, as usual, I ran out of it again.

“Damn! Why I can’t just escape the fate of empty cereal box?” I

Anyway, school……. Is as normal as usual. Thanks to school, it ruins
my perfect weekends. Because some teachers gave us assignments and exams at the
same time.

“Sweet! What a great coincidence.” I tried to emphasize this is such
a ironic situation. Any way, I have to study…….. Darn… I want keep making my
short films. I got some ideas about my short film. Here’s the story, one day while
I was on vacation with other exchange students, I stared out the window, pop!
That’s it, I didn’t get the reason why, but lots of imaginative ideas “squeezed”
into my mind, well, I think I supposed to say get……. I do want to make them all
into short films, but…… Time is money, I don’t have enough time. I only have
enough money to buy Time. I mean the magazine. Ha! Very funny, isn’t it? This mention me one day I was extremely
exhausted, and someone told me our school this year’s musical is The phantom of
the opera, but what came into my mind is “The phantom of the Ophra….. What the……?

Anyway, I went to one member of the drama club her birthday party,
this is the second party I’ve participated. I even don’t that does the first
one count or not…. It was really fun! Love it so much…. So if anyone don’t have
enough party partners…. Please call me, appointment available.

I played the piano at her home, that’s awesome!!!!! I haven’t played
the piano with my real emotion for months….. Finally, I got this chance to

And today is school’s homecoming day, they had cheer squad and some
crazy “Male show” and what’s that about? I think it’s not suitable for me to
type here….. But indeed that’s so funny. So our school football team has a
competition now, but I am sitting here typing my journal, because I just got
back from the birthday party. Happy birthday, Emily!
Oh! Oh! BTW, don't forget to search "covinfox" on youtube.... I need your support. THX!


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