Typing my journal while listening to journey.

2011/9/23: Woke up at six, as usual I was woken up by that annoying man who’s talking nearby my ear in the radio.
“Morning, Manhattan, we have some great news to let you…..”
“Shut up!” I mentioned while I turned off the radio.
I don’t like my morning today, it’s too….. gloomy. Where’s the sunshine?
Whatever, I can take a shower instead, so I took my pants and square underwear plus a skywalker custom as my garment. I would like to call it “skywalker custom” because it’s black and pretty like the custom which will show up in science-fiction film. Whatever, I took a thirty minutes shower, love it so much! After that, walked back to my room for studying some Spanish.
“Hola…….. O….. oh, damn! I am going to be late” The clock said seven o’clock while I was holding that thick and heavy or I should suppose to say ”obese” Spanish textbook, that’s seriously heavy! Went down stair to grab some cereal for breakfast, out of my expectation, the cereal box is not empty today!
“Lucky me! I had an great omen that good thing will happen to me…… or probably bad…..” I thought while I opened the fridge door. Because the milk is empty……
How is this possible? Where does the gallon of milk go? I drank nothing…… Could it be….. evaporate? Well, no time for joking…. I am almost late for school.
As usual…… photography class, Algebra class, U.S. history, video production, Spanish, Drama, Composition and Humanity. Till noon, something special happened.
The merchandise I bought from amazon is here! My lovely tripod….. I never give up my dream for being a director in Hollywood, I tried hard working more instead, hope one day, I can fulfill my dream. David(My host father) is not home, because he went to Boston for a meeting.
“This is Boston, who are you looking for?”
“Well, David please. Oh! Plus NASA please….” I guess that’s the conversation I will have if I call to Boston. Wait, is NASA in Boston, I have better google it.
At six, we had our supper at the porch, and it’s chilly. Guess no more special things today, here I am holding my toothbrush by my left hand and typing this journal by my right hand, my brain would like to call it a day, so see you guys tomorrow!


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