Die~!! Final.... I will defeat you.

Once again, I know I haven't uploaded for a long time.  Seriously, I am "extremely" busy! Making short films, writing scripts, and novels, making music, playing the piano, learning drawing, recently I started learning CGI animation.  Plus, I have to keep my straight A in school... Also, I need to study English hard....

Be honest, today is not my day.  This weekend is my shooting week, but one of the important actor suddenly couldn't come, I need to find a solution.  After that, I asked school if I could take some scenes at school, they rejected me....  Then, I got a lot of final tests to study for.  Last, I got a cold..... I still couldn't get use to the weather in KS.  It's miserable!

Anyway.... I have faith, I keep a faith... Never give up.  I used to be very pessimistic, not anymore.  I know I have great talent in film making... just try to make my dream come true.

Guys, please wish me good luck this weekend.  I hope I could finish my newest short film "NIGHTMARE?" before the end of January.  It's a huge challenge for me, it is only my second short and it got great difficulty.  I really want to be a film director! I wrote a lot of scripts prepared to be blockbusters.... If you see this message, please give me as much helpful message as you could. THX!

My email address: covinfox the director
My youtube channel:covinfox the director


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