Finally!!!~~~~ I finished the opening.

Months past..... I finally finished the opening part of my short film!!!! The opening of  my newest short film "NIGHTMARE?"  It took me almost three months to write the script, and it is still working in the progress.  But I finished the opening part first..... I am so joyful that I finished the opening.

The best part is I finished it on Christmas, by the way, Merry Christmas to all folks, this morning I was unwrapping the gifts with my host family, I appreciate a lot that I have a awesome host family!  After finished making the opening, I played Halo Reach with my host brother to relax, that was my second time to play a XB360, I think I will buy one when I got a job.  (Probably there will be  already a XB720)

Anyway, this is my youtube channel link: covinfox the director

And of course the most important, the opening link: opening for "NIGHTMARE?"

Got any questions or want to chat with me? Here's my e-mail address: covinfox the director 


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