Finally, we started the first scene

Last sunday (Two days ago) I and my crews went to the varsity donut shop to take some clips.  I was so excited and nervous, because it was my first time to take an exterior.  Days before going to the donut shop, I kept contacting each crews, and the owner of donut shop.  It's a pretty exhausting job for me.... even harder than editing the film.  LOL  Of course I am just kidding, edit the film and making those special effects is "much" harder than calling people.

After getting there, (well, I was late.... mmm.... director is late....)  I start setting up all the equipments.  And my actors and actresses were just keep trying their best to memorize their lines from the script I gave them.  Which took me almost two months to finish....  (No worry, it's not exhausting at all.  I felt great achievement instead.)

Good news, I found the best actresses and actor I ever had.  So we never made any mistakes, just finished the scene in one shot.  Bad news, well... at first I want to make some blooper scene, seems like I got very little chance to make my intention come true.

Last, hope you could wish me the best luck.  And please keep supporting me by clicking the link beside here: covinfox the director. It's my youtube channel.  :)

And if you have any opinions or would love to chat with me, I  welcome you to email me: covinfox the director.... want to chat? 


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