The almighty power of my spaghetti!~~

I am not only a film director but also a not bad chef!  I just made my best dish: Cream sauce spaghetti.  Each time I made is such a great success! My host families and friends were fascinated by that dish.  Also, my skill is improving, so this dish is getting more tasty.

Hi! It's me covinfox the film director.  Today at my high school (Manhattan High School.) Someone told me that he saw my youtube channel and my short films are awesome! I felt so excited and touched.... (thank you... TT)  Anyway, that's such a great encouragement which gave me more power!!!  Indeed, I will never give up, I keep telling myself because sometimes I felt stressful.  And one thing for sure, if you don't suffer, you won't succeed. I know I am suffering  from different incidents, which means I got some changes lead to my success.

Just came back from a Chinese restaurant, too bad the dishes there is not as delicious as my home town.  Although those asian dishes evoked my good memories.  Here I am typing my blog, then I am going to study some English.  I really want to get into USC, so I hope I could get 27 on my ACT test and 90 on my TOFEL.  Because I know several languages also I am an exchange and international student.  Plus I probably could get straight A in my school year in the U.S.  At last, wish me the best luck, will you?

This time I am going to attach some pictures of me making my cream sauce spaghetti for the first time in the U.S. (I know it looks awful, but seriously it tastes awesome!!)

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