Check my newest short film out!!

So…. everything started from an idea.  In August, 2011 I forgot the date, I dream everyday, but I haven't had nightmare for a long time.  On that day when I woke up, I though about if one day my nightmare is true, and my real life is my dream… what it would be like?

Also which reminds me a Chinese literature: mention about a guys who dreams about a butterfly, when he woke up, he was meditate on if he is dreaming the butterfly or the butterfly is dreaming him.  Hence, my new short film idea came out.  Which is talking about a girl who keep dreaming nightmares for continuos days, she struggled her best to get rid of her, but not matter how hard she have tired, she could never escape from her own nightmares.

Here is the link of my short film: "NIGHTMARE?" Hope you will like it, if you do, please leave some comments about your opinion, thoughts and please also subscribe me. Thank you so much, I appreciate your support!


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