The day is coming....

I would love to go to bed earlier, unfortunately, I said "I would love to".  Once again today I got a lot of assignments from my high school.  Seriously, I am kind of missed my back home school life because I had none assignments to do. (I was studying in junior college.  Of course we had some assignments, just not as much as the school here.)

Anyway, don't forget to watch the Academy award this Sunday! (Once again, I still forgot the time, but I know it's six in the middle time zone.) Seriously, not only I love to watch the award but also I want to get into the award place one day.  I believe if I keep striving, I will seat on the seat one day for sure.  Never give up, that's my destiny. 

Still working on my newest "experimental cultural short film" Please remember coming to my youtube channel to vote once I finish this short film.  Hope I could finish it as soon as possible.  Who do you think who is going to win in academy award?  You could leave you comment to let everybody know.  (About the best motion picture, I think "The Artist" might win.)

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