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It's me covinfox the director again.... hey!  Guys, have you seen my newest short yet?  If not, you have better so check it as fast as you could. Because if you check it in a month, it will bring you good luck! (lol... just kidding.)  Anyway, I have been an exchange student for about half year in the U.S.  and today I want to talk about some more culture difference, and this time the topic I want to talk about is "eating habit"  

In Taiwan, me and my friends our impression to Americans is "chubby" which means American eat a lot of oily food and easy to get weight.  After coming here, it's not an impression but a truth instead.  Everything here is freaking oily, I also get a lot of weight here.  Reasonable, getting weight and eat that oily, greasy food is unhealthy.Being aware of that,  I started eating salad, carrot, celery and vegetable so on.  The feeling is totally different, after eating fried food usually I felt dazed, sleepy, and listless.  But after eating vegetable, I felt refreshed, revived.  You have no idea how astonishing the difference is.  So, go google it, try to find some article about the consequence of eating healthy and unhealthy food.

You should be thankful when you fart a lot... lol  But that's true.  Which means your stomach is healthy, is working.  So next time when you fart, you have the beset excuse.  Even you could mock back the people who laughed at you but doesn't fart.... (Just my own opinion.  If you are punched by them, don't blame me.)

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