Here I come.... USC~~

Becoming a film director in Hollywood is extremely challenging and hard!  Especially for me this kind of asian foreigner.  No worry, I said it before: Before becoming a film director in Hollywood, I will never give the freaking up! (Sorry for the slang... just want to accentuate the importance.)

Hi! How is everyone doing?  It's me covinfox the film director again~~ So far I am working on my newest "Experimental cultural show film" As usual, writing the script, story board, making the music, being the narrator all by myself.  I am pretty proud of could doing so many things. (Hope is not arrogant.)

Plus, I am writing a novel called "Hearing the deaf" it's a combination of mystery, romance and horror.  Actually it is my new idea of my short film, but due to many complicated and knotty scene, I decided to write it into script and novel, storyboard.  When I have a powerful crew and equipment, I am going to make it into a short film.

So, one of the element of getting into good college is you have to be good at English, so I study English very hard.  Hope I could get a high score on ACT and TOFEL test so that I could have more chances to get into the film schools I want to get in: USC, UCAL, NYU, Chipman university.  Last, wish me the best luck!  And attach two photos of me studying English while I was at my exchange student state conference.  LOL...

My newest short film "NIGHTMARE?":

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