How my newest idea appear...

January 27th, on the way to Oklahoma,(I don't know I spell it right or wrong…), as usual I stared out of the window.  IT was a moderate sunny day, sitting in the car is always deadly for me, which made me be very sick.  The rumble sound and sultry atmosphere in the car made the situation worse.  While I was struggle my best to find a solution not be so sick and bored, an image suddenly flashed through my mind.  It was about a queer piano, then I associated it with a girl, a deaf man, music, romance, mystery and horror.  Hence, my newest short film idea was born, I decided to make it into a short film after getting into the film school I want to get in: USC, UCLA, NYU, Chapman. (Again, I don't know I spell it right or wrong.) So far I am writing it into a novel first, then is script after that is story board and last is short film.  Hope you guys will like my newest short film….  Let's just wait and see… :)


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