Shut up!

Hey! everyone, it's me covinfox the director again.  Today I didn't go to school, but I don't feel physically sick nor uncomfortable, but mentally uncomfortable.  Why?  This is how culture difference caused the issue.  Let me tell you the reason.

I am an exchange student from Taiwan to the U.S.  And I have been stayed here for about half year, so far what I have experienced a lot of culture differences.  But what I still couldn't get used to is the school.  The education system is totally different from where I am from.

What I told Americans here is the education back home is seriously awful, but the students all are really hard working.  Here... is totally different!  I don't get it, the students here is already old enough, but their action are extremely childish, which irritated and annoyed me a lot.  I struggled my best to tolerate them, but slowly, I couldn't endure them anymore.  One day for sure I will yell: Grow up! you all fucking retarded.  Or "Shut the fuck up! You all morons!" For sure.  Also, they are very clamorous and noisy.

Here I try to cool myself down by typing this blog.  They made me really sick!  I know I am complaining with my annoyance.  For me, it's a good way to relax.

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