That's my responsibility....

To make impossible be possible, that's my job.  Hi, everyone! It's me covinfox the film director again.  Last night I just made some delicious cream sauce spaghetti. (Anyone want to order from me?)  Anyway, I am still thinking the idea of my newest "cultural experimental short film" hope it will succeed.  If it does, I might going to be the first director who make this kind of shorts.

Yesterday I experienced my first massage and that is awesome!  Thank to my how family, they are really nice to me.  Also, it was kind of embarrassing for me.  But I love it so much.

Weekends always elapse so freaking fast, I have better cherish all the weekends I have.  Studying for the ACT and TOFEL test, hope I could get a very good score so that I could guarantee to get into the film school I want to study in.  For instance: USC, UCLA, NYU, Chipman University.  Also, please wish me the best luck!  I don't want to fail, and I mustn't.  I know I will succeed.

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