Chit chat...

  "I appreciate you make that troublesome child fell asleep, I wonder how.."
"What! You put sedative in her milk to make her sleep?"
"There's no way to let her sleep without doing this!"
There a long sigh sound, then a deep breath. "Indeed,  but you couldn't  tuck her into bed by doing this forever."
"Let's find other solution tomorrow, at least she's sleeping today."
"All right, want to drink something?"
"Hot tea please."

  They say down across with each other in the exquisite living room, Jenny took a sip of her coffee.
"You are not worried you couldn't go to bed later?"
"Coffee doesn't work for me."
"Lucky you."
Vivian took a sip of her tea, put the cup down on the short table.
"I couldn't believe the last time we met was decades ago.  Time elapses seriously fast, I know you would say escape."
"Ha! You do understand me, I remember that's what I said while we were ten playing at your home."
"Indeed, we had a great time then."
"An awesome memory, Kitty was still alive back then.  I still remember how he hated you because each time you met him you always pull his tail."
"Really? I almost forgot, ha, I was such a cruel girl, no wonder it's so hard for me to find my soul mate."
"No, you are!"  There is a silence. "What did you say?" Jenny raised her tone to emphasize what she's hinting for.
"Just pretend I said nothing, all right?"

  We had that kind of meaningless conversation for hours, I still remembered how happy we were.  It is raining in torrent out side, I stand in the rain motionless, don't care about how soaking wet I am.  Lowering my head staring at what I am looking, a stone, not a normal stone.  A stone engraved my best friend's name, a headstone.
"That chit chat was almost decade ago, again.  Vivian, thank for what you have accompanied me with.  I will never forget and treasure our good memory forever, wait for me, one day for sure we will meet again."
I remain silent for seconds, then mumble. "I am sorry, I let the time escape again.  I am sorry..."  I keeling down embrace the tombstone weeping...

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