Close you eyes..

"Close your eyes, then tell me what you see." a sound whispered around him.
"What kind of idiotic instruction it is?" Jim snorted.
"Just.... close your eyes!"
"How am I supposed to see while I close my eyes? You dork!"
There was no response, Jim opened his eyes. He looked around, there was no one...
"So who was I talking to? Could it be myself.... again?" Jim wondered.
Here he stood, at a spacious field.
"Where, what and who am I? What happened?" Jim stammered.
He roamed around the field aimlessly, trying to find a path, a path which could lead him home.
"Home, my sweet home, vanished in the accident. I lost.... my memory, for that unforgivable incident..."
There was someone, or something singing. The sound echoed in the atmosphere, the damp atmosphere.
"I don't like this feeling, this is queer! What exactly happened?" Jim struggled to piece any pieces of his memory, he was doing this in vain, only confusion left.  The sining aroused again, this time is clearer...
"Yo... ho.... the one who lost his key, will ever be kept out of the kingdom.  Keeping a faith is what you could only do, just keep moving forward blindly.... then you will figure out the key is in your pocket...Yo.. ha, ha, ha..."
"What a bizarre song and lyric!  Anyway, that guy probably could help me." Jim walked toward the singer, beckoned to him.
"Sir!.... Hey! Sir! Do you know where am I? Could you please tell me the way out of this field?"
An obscure figure approaching, he is tall and enormous.  Holding a huge hardcover notebook in his hand, which is decorated by amazingly beautiful golden chain.
"Wow... nice book!"
"Thank you! Vagrant."
"Vagrant?" Jim was perplexed, stood there motionless.  Then, he snapped it out rapidly.
"Anyway, do you know where am I?"
"Simple! Close your eyes, then tell me what you see."
"Gosh! Why all the people are lunatic?"
"No, is you are! You are the only lunatic here, right here on this field!"
"I don't want to argue with you, just give me the answer where I...."
"Let me give you a hint."
The huge man interrupted his sentence.
"A simple accident....."
Jim didn't know the reason why, but that three simple words pierced through to the deepest part of his heart, suddenly awaken his spirit. There was a white flash...
"Am... am I dead?"

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