The corner coffee house...

A man felt asleep over a table, there was a watch next to him showed four thirty.  He slept peacefully for hours, he came in hours ago.  Here conceals everyone's dream in a cup of coffee, you could make your dream come true temporarily here, a classic and quiet coffee house called "The corner".
"Greeting sir, what you would love to order today?"
"A cup of "Ego-world" please."
"I apologize sir, but we ran out of that.  How about a cup of "Everything come true"?"
"Well... that will be fine."
"Right away, sir."
The waiter turned around and grabbed a glass container with some green glowing coffee beans, grounded some beans and put it in the coffee machine.  After brewing, he put some milk foam and spices on the top of it. And slider it to the front of his customer.
"Have a nice dream and enjoy." He smiled.
That is the secret makes this coffee house became so famous, which could brew a cup of dream according to what dream you desire.  "Anything could come true right here" is their slogan, and that's also a truth!  But are they real? Or just an illusion? You never know, the only one way to know the answer is go buy one by yourself.

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