The cover.

Jenny, a common high school student. Wanders around in an enormous and classic bookstore searching for her favorite book.  She stops in front of a bookshelf, that's her favorite category: Mysterious and supernatural.  There she glances around considering about which book might interest her, right above her she finds one, but it's too high for her.

  She stands on tiptoe struggling her best to grab the book, no matter how she tries she still couldn't get that book with a heavy dark and hard cover.  While she stands back and intends to give up, the book is just right next to her.
"Interested in this book? That's rare." A man hands her the book.
"Thank you." She replies.
"Nah! Not a big deal.  How... umm, what makes you get interested in that book?"
"By its cover, it's seriously attractive."
"Lucky you." He mutters with a grin.
"Excuse me?" "Oh... nothing, just talking to myself."

  She holds the book right in front of her chest, staring at the man. "I am Jenny, and you are?"
"It doesn't matter..." The man departures.  Leaves the confused and wooden girl standing at her position.
"What's wrong with that guy?" she thinks as she walking to the counter.  She passes by a crowd they are watching something and  murmuring.

  Curiosity kills a cat, that's how it kills her fate.  She squeezes into the crowd struggling to get a glimpse of what they are watching.  The object  displays in front of her makes her in shocked silence, there lying a girl who looks exactly the same with her, no, that's her.  The real her...
"Am I dead?  Am I an apparition now?" many perplexed  questions burst out in her mind.
There lying herself, holding a thick black cover book.  Her body loses the grip, the book drops on the ground, turns to the first page which says: 5/5/2005 A luck girl became my first sacrificial offering, four more, there's only four luck girls left...

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