Let's plant my son.

If you think it's queer that we plant all the living creatures, then please blame this on the education.  Ten years ago, how the education system taught our descendants how disgusting, filthy and devastating.  What turned out is not one will to breed and born children, we are struggling to save our own species only when we figured out we are facing extinction.

  Unfortunately, this circumstance made us became impotent.  No one could fertilize anymore, so that's how this maggot came out, a simple ridiculous idea: We plant our children.

  Three simple steps: plant, fertilize and water.  Gender, physique, color of pupils, hair and so on all could be chosen by ourself.  This simple idea generate a simple situation: A chaos.

  This simple idea made the society became complicated, everyone is perfect, no defect.  Imagine a world without shortcomings, everything is fantastically wonderful.
"Nightmare!" Gord holding a diary he found from a old cabinet.  That diary was kept two years ago, which means this chaos has lasted for two years.  Still seeking for solution, no one wants to be complete.  No one wants to be born like a tree nor plants.

  "So... it's true a simple reformation by government could cause enormous influence."
"How terrible!  It's just like the power of a rumor."
"No matter how your complain, it's already too late!" Citizens keep discussing about this phenomenon, everyone keeps the answer in their mind: There's no solution, we have to burden the consequence we caused.  Those children are fake for their parents since they don't come out from the womb, parents don't treasure their own kids as much as before.

  A simple mind, a simple brainwash, and a simple seed.  What turned out is a chaos we are unable to handle, only could watch this world keep decaying...

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