Missing for two days....

Lying on the bed, straining my eyes wide.  I was struggling my best to fall asleep, but I couldn't!  Because I got a fever, it's annoyingly nasty.  Also that's the reason why I haven't uploaded my blog for two days.

Doing everything vain, lying on the bed is the only solution?
"man, sometimes this world became nasty when you got a cold, you could only stare out the window but do nothing."
Opened my eyes slowly, my vision become clear from blurred scene. Saw the cat was still sleeping on my chest and purring... I smiled mild, trying not to wake him up.
"How nasty it is! I haven't had fever for almost a year!" Whispering to my cute puss which is still sunk in deep sleep, purring... Never notice my absence.

The feeling of disgust emerged from my deepest stomach, my steps became unsteady. 
"Damn.... that's how I hate epidemic!" Walking like a zombie in my room, stumbling to the kitchen to get some hot water. Anyway, I still have a fever so far, so my head ache seriously.  My thought is miserable!
Just hope I could recover as fast as I could, I don't want to miss too many assignments.

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