Reading in bed.

Eleven p.m. at the deep night, accompany with the soothing classical music, I was reading in bed about going to fall asleep. I grabbed one pillow randomly to snuggle, when I was about to get into my sweet dream land.  The classical music switched into a queer and confusingly strange voice, a familiar voice, I listened to it carefully, it's a child's weeping sound.

  "I want to go home! Mommy, Daddy where are you?" The thrilling deep blubbering sound came out from my radio.  Even if I turned the switch off or pulled the plug off, the sound was still resounding in my bedroom.
"Take her home, find her way home!" A sound whispered aside my ear from nowhere, no one else is in my room for sure. Then... who was that?
"Bring the child home, I beg you." A miserable tone came again, it just like someone was entrusting me to finish the mission who couldn't fulfill.
"She needs your help, she needs..." I listening to the sound and fell asleep unconsciously.

  While I woke up again, I was in a room.  A room fill with various stuffed toys, some are cute but some are creepy.  That's how I hate stuffed dolls!
"No matter where I am, I don't like it." I wandered around looking around, no doors which means no exits.  A rustling sound came out from a pile of stuffed dolls, I kept turning around in the room looking for the source of that sound.

"Ahhh!" I screamed as I saw a living doll stand right in front of me stretching both her arms out, seems like she wanted a hug from me.
"Are you here to bring me home? Are you my dream angel?"
"Your what?"
"Dream angel! The one who is going to make me come off from suffering of nightmare."
"Sorry, I don't think so, but probably I could help you. What's your name?"
"A typical doll name." I thought, I was still thinking how I got into this mess.  In spite of my promise, but there's no exits, even I couldn't get out of here.
"If you couldn't get me out of here, you have to join us."
"Join you?"
"I will explain for you." She said as she taking out of needle and thread, I know what did that mean, she is going to make me into a doll too if I couldn't implement my pledge.  But... there's no freaking doors nor windows!
"You know..." She took the needle in her right hand and thread in her left. "I can read your mind, you gave up! You broke your promise!" I was paralyzed as she walking toward me...

I widened my eyes in a sudden, lying on bed, it was just a dream, a cruel nightmare.  My pillow is bloody hard because it's not but a book with a hard cover.  The cover says: Dream angel."
"I was dreaming the book?" I said confusingly, then riffled the book till last page, the last sentence says: To be continued...

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