Standing in the rain...

That was a gloomy, humid and windy rainy day. There I stood, waiting for my bus.
"I couldn't find my favorite stuffed toy" I whispered to myself, mutter to the rain.  There was only melancholy response, that dull, but concealed  complicated meaning.  The rain streamed down my face, dripped down from my chin. I didn't wipe it out, I was lifeless. My mind, just back to the past...
"When was the last time, I fondled my deceased puss? When was the last time, I took out my favorite doll to play, I still remembered how excited I was while my mom handed it to me. My happiness and my mom's satisfaction. My mind suddenly got back temporarily.
"Damn... when is my bus coming?" It was about eleven at night, the only thing I wanted to do is get home and pass out on my bed. In deed, I miss those sweet memory, laughing with my family, I cherish what I have, but what I could do is getting more memory, couldn't experience them anymore.  I would sacrifice anything to get that chance.  A low roaring sound arouse, a pair of sleepy eyes emerged from a distance. My bus came...
"Mom... I miss you. I wonder how are you doing now, I wonder if you still remember me or not, I wonder..."
"Are you getting on or not?" the driver asked impatiently. I figured out I stayed at the staircase, frozen there, motionless.
"Oh! sorry..."
It was empty, there was no music on the bus.  Only the dropping sound of the rain sounded, loneliness shrouded me, sneak on me, just like a starving wolf caught   his prey and will never lose his bite. I was thirsty, I was starving, I could remember how I clasped my mom's hand and wandered around the night market. Time this thief, stolen my gladness away from me. Look through out the window, swayed my body with the rocking rhythm of the bus. By that, I rocked home with my nice, memorable and grateful dream.

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