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At a dead night with death silence, there was not a sound in the car.  Even not a soul, after driving for hours, the driver is already exhausted, lousy, almost get into a situation of pass out.  The driver shakes his head hardly to keep himself awake.
"Hang on there, mate.  We are almost home, there the comfortable couch is waiting for you." He mutters to himself. It was a terrifying deep night, you could barely see the scene in front, his vision limited by the head light, except the light range of them, you see nothing.  Except they are glittering... he starts whistling, but no longer he stops.

  He suddenly reminds that his grandmother used to remind him how you will attract something "special" by whistling at deep night.  He turns on the radio listening to some songs, trying to embolden.
"Good evening everyone! Well, if you are still awake.  Now let's keep listening to some classic rock songs, also you could call us to order the song you love for sure." The radio host says.
"Next, this song is called "You are lost."" When the host says this sentence, the driver shivers immediately, because... his lost, is the deep night, at a place he's not familiar with.
"Well... ha ha, isn't it such a great coincidence?" he tries to calm himself down, he keeps driving.

  Hours past, the radio played many songs.  Amazingly all coordinate to the driver's situation, like the station was playing "Watch out the beast" while he ran over a hair.  "We need energy" when his car is almost run out of the gas.

  The circumstance of getting lost and those song make the driver frightened.  He knows something's wrong, he's being surveilled.  "At last, we are going to have "Final destination" sang by.... the driver's face turned totally pale while he heard about this.  "Before that, we are going to have some recreation." Then the radio starts a song, the driver listens to that.  He is totally frightened, terrified.  "How...? That's impossible..."

  What transmits out from the radio is not actually a song, but a simple tune, a while.  A whistle which is familiar to him, because that is his whistle... his whistle leads him to his own entertaining death.

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