We are being followed.

Last night I got a call, ring, ring... the telephone kept ringing till I rushed toward the phone and pick it up.
"Miss. Kristine, listen, you might have a lot of questions.  But I have to tell you something important first, you are being followed!"
"What! Home come? Who wants to follow me? And who the heck are you?"
"I knew it..." There came a long sigh. "Miss, please come down first.  We will answer all these questions, but please turn off all the light in your house first! Everything would illuminate light!"
Why should I trust this guy I don't know, we even never met before.  But my instinct told me so, I stood up to the main pose switch.  After that, there was a pitch dark, I was standing in the dark waiting for next instruction.

  "You did well, now they now nothing about you.  Next, before this incident vanish, you couldn't never go out in the morning nor afternoon anymore."
"I think that won't be a big problem.... wait, why only morning and afternoon."
"That's a long story." After that is a long beep, another side hung up the phone.  Fear shrouded me due to know nothing.  Days past, I kept the same living style for a period, wondering when this predicament will finish.

Until one day, the phone rang... my instinct told me it's the same guy again.  I picked up the phone immediately, respond in a hurry. "Yes?"
 "Congratulation, you are free once again. apparition " Then there's a long beep, he hang up again.  But what did he mean by "apparition"?  Who cares!  I am free again!  I picked up the phone and dialed my friend. "Hey, wanna go shopping with me tomorrow?"

  "I couldn't believe you bought that much, aren't you concerned about your budget?"
"Come on!  I haven't went shopping for a long time.  Sometimes we need to be more bold."
"Oh my geese!" There was a long scream from my friend, she was stupefied. "Your.... your..." she stammered.
"My what?"
She widened her eyes point at the rear part of my feet speechlessly.
"Oh my god!" I cried out, was amazed by the scene I saw.  It was a sunny day, the the ground around my feet is clear, where's my shadow!

  My phone rang again, I picked up waiting for the best explanation.
"He's the one who followed you."
"My shadow?'
"Indeed.... he exposed everything about you.  So we took him away."
"Wait a minute, doesn't it mean I am going to be shadowless forever?"
"Just.... get used to this..."  This was a long beep again...

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