What she left behind...

  At a ferocious storm night, lighting and thunder interlaced. There lay the old Miss. Nermison, she slept on the rocking chair, holder her favorite story book which her mom read to her while she was a little kid.  Time elapsed serious fast, now she's already eighty four, there she slept on her comfortable rocking chair peacefully and never wake up.  With a sweet smile, she's gone.
"She went to a better world..." Jack her son stared at her appearance, muttered.
There he sat at his escritoire took a pen started writing on his diary, the diary has a old and shabby hardcover which says"Anytime&Anywhere" He got the same habit with his mom, probably inheritance.  Both of them like to write diary, and there's an interesting fact that their diaries are connected.  Just Jack never known this fun fact. How this fun fact could influence the time, the world, even the future.

    There my mom slept on her favorite rocking chair forever, she will never wake up.  It's good that she passed away with all her favorite things surrounded her, her favorite rocking chair, story book and her broken TV which she doesn't want to dump.  I didn't weep, none a drop of tear, not because I don't like her nor I am brutal, a cold-blooded beast but I know she went to a better world, or even best.

  That's Jack's diary writing habit, always put the year in the front.  That's the only one different point from his mother's diary. They have different date writing habit, that's how it makes their diary connected.  Jack stared out of the window, water streaming down the window.  The rumbling thunder sound could symbolize Jack's complicated emotion, he is sad, just couldn't cry because he knows that truth: A better world.  The downpour made the whole world gloomy, luckily, there was no fog.  Or it would become a misty and mysterious world. Jack closed he diary, wandered at the corridor. Walking toward his mother's room, trying to cherish the memory of his dear mom, evoking all the memories he could.  Suddenly, there was a snap sound and a blackout followed up.  The whole world turned into pitch dark and scary, darkness is human's deepest fear.  Jack kneeled down climbed on the ground and fumbled on the floor of his familiar route, struggling to get a flashlight first.  There in a closet he not only found a flashlight but also a dusty and shabby thick notebook, he used the flashlight illuminate on the notebook. The cover said "Time&Location&Mystery by Nermison Haybe. "I never noticed this notebook, I though my mom only keeps one diary.  Seems like this one is her another "secret edition"" Jack blowed the dust away and opened it with expectation and excitement, he wondered what he would read inside, the deepest mystery of their family? The gossip of his relatives? Or...?
"Blank!" Jack kept his jaw dropped while he saw what't in the diary, it's blank. Only numbers notes the pages.
"That's it? Damn, this disappointed me a lot." Jack said as he throwing the notebook on the ground.  There he threw the mystery and privilege away, in the pitch dark room.

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