A wonderful breakfast.(short story.)

Eight thirty in the morning, I was woken up by the fragrance of coffee.  I like this way to be awaken, it could make you be a carefree guy for while day long.  I went downstair to make myself a cup of coffee, normally I will see my husband reading the paper and kiss my check say morning to me, but not today.

  "Hello? Anyone's down here?" I asked while strolling into the dining room, empty.  Even my children weren't there.
"Probably they are still sleeping." I muttered, take a exquisite china cup from cabinet.  Poured myself a good cup of coffee, turned on the television.
"It's already on... then where the hell are they?" confusion rush into my mind,  I was perplexed.
"Anyway, I think they are out for some breakfast without me." Blowing the hot steam away from my coffee as I was staring at the TV screen, that made a huge mistake, which made me neglect the steam wasn't moving...

  A Beautiful morning, sunshine illuminated through the curtain.  I closed my eyes enjoy showering in the sun, everything's such amusing and perfect.  I fell asleep on the couch, the living room was still empty which made me felt a little bit lonesome.

  I had a dream, a nightmare.  I dreamt my house is on fire, I was trapped in the collapsing building, I knew I am going to die.  So I prayed to god asked him to finish my suffering fast, god heard it he made my prayer came true.  A thick burning pillar fell right above my head, I woke up with a startle.
"Phew... just a nightmare..." I signed with relief, struggling to calm myself down.  Sitting on the sofa taking deep breath for seconds, there's only one thing I am still bewildered about, where are my family?
I wondered as I walking toward the bathroom, as I opened the door the answer came out.

  I was stupefied while I was the scene in front of me, I saw myself lying in a pool of blood, dead.  There's a sticky note on the fridge said: Dear son, went to the police office, something terrible happened.  It's hard to tell you, but...

I am dead.

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