The most beneficial natural weapon?

Thursday always irritate me because that will make me remember there's one more day tomorrow... (sigh.. Why I have to be tortured by Friday..)  I woke up at six today due to my host family's kitty kept biting my neck, actually he wanted to bite my necklace but he gets small teeth.  Look to the good side, I have a biological alarm clock. (memo to myself, no need battery but couldn't set the time.)

  Three weeks left to the last day of my school, I am just like a zombie waiting for that day. (arr...arr... other zombies might keep mumbling: live human, brain!... arr...  But I am craving for the last day: Arr..arr... the last day.)  Today I got a mail, a thousand dollars check.  When I got it I felt like a small window popped out on the lower left of my eye says: New achievement! You got thousand dollars! Unlock next achievement by changing thousand dollars into pennies and deposit them into your school lunch account to piss the school clerk off!

  While I had my walk outside, I recalled a mysterious fruit: Durian.  So far there's still no Americans have heard about this fruit except my American-asian friend East Fang. (Don't you think a Chinese with fang as a last name is seriously cool?  I would love to change my last name into umm.... I don't know, probably Claw... Nice to meet you, my name is wen lai Claw.) Which is a fruit with great fragrance for me, actually the fruit is notorious for its stench. (Hey! They smell awesome all right?) This fruit is also the most expensive fruit in the world, one for about 25$, anyone is considering to sell fruit now?

  Also the most amazing part that they could be weapon!  If you have never seen a durian, go to Asian market or just google it.  But it would be more astounding by seeing the substance! I changed my mind, I will just attach a picture of durian below.  Then you could imagine how painful it would be by hitting by it.. LOL

Now, use your great imagination have fun with this cute fruit.  
Caution: Don't make it as volleyball when you are out of ball.

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