A pornographic joke I made in front of public?

 Hi! It's me covinfox the film director again. (wenlai KAO)  You could see I typed some short stories before but seemed like they are not very popular plus I couldn't get any money.  And I need budget for my short films, music, novels, drawing and CGI animation.  So I decide start writing novels and publish them on Amazon... (yeah... Amazon rocks, I am an loyal customer, I haven't already spent over three hundred dollars.)
 Hell yeah, let's start from the disgusting high school lunch then the joke.  I just deposited five dollars in my student account, then guess what? (what?)  I ran out of my balance in only two days! (Who cares?)
So, I could only fed myself by two packs of cheeseit. (I don't know I spell it right or wrong...)  Oh! Something just decimate my mood that I couldn't believe a freaking hot dog bun and two packs of chips would coast me about four bucks!

  Anyway before that anger me to death, let's jump to the joke I told my friends thins morning.  That was weeks ago, I had my presentation at hotel. (I am an exchange in the United state now...surprise!) Before till my pets, everything went pretty well.
  "I am such a genius!" I thought.  I could made audiences laugh, they are supposed to pay me that I made them live longer.  Anyway, while I was talking about my lovely cats.  I decided to be funnier, who knows that was a terrible decision. (Crave to get a time machine get back to the past...)
There went my two sentences made whole audience silent:
 " look at this picture, they are my lovely cats.  I love kitties so much! (I still heard some chuckle...)
Yeah, indeed!  I love "PUSSYS" so much!" (Then there was silence.)
"Crap! What have I done? I thought again.  Well, maybe they don't get my joke.  Fine, I will just keep going."

    After the meeting, me and my host mom were in the car on the way home.
"You know what pussy mean?" She asked without looking at me.
"Umm... cute kitties?" I asked with a rising tone.
"Except that, which also has another meaning, that's part of the body you know..."
"oh..." That was my response, but I was keep guessing: "Umm.. leg? Iris? eyebrow? Or....
"Go look it up in the dictionary when you get back home."
"Sure I will..."
When I got home I ran with joyful steps because I hold a positive attitude that all students supposed to have. Being glad for learning new words...
"yeah...yeah... new vocabulary!" I was humming while I run back into my room and took out my electronic dictionary.
"Oh! Crap!" Yes.... that was the next sentence.
(If you are a person like me whose native is not English and want to know what does this word mean, please!  Go look it up by yourself, I don't want my account be disabled by a single word...)

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