A simple night.

 Strolling on the street, the bustling pedestrian and cars shuffling.  Here, is the noisy NYC.  I wandered around, searching for gifts shop to buy some souvenirs for relatives, friends and girl friend.
"Such an amazing place." I exclaimed.
I saw this place many times form commercial and films, but I couldn't believe I could walking on NY street at my eighteen.  Watching people jaywalking, the broad way, the gorgeous light.
"Anyone could give me any coins?  I am starving?" A woman wore tattered clothes lingered in front of a sandwich store.  Obvious she is a vagrant, indeed she is homeless and jobless.

While I passed by her, she asked the same question to me.  I stopped my pace, stared at her.  She did looked like a woman who needs help, not that kind of swindler.  I stretched my hand in to my left pocket, fumbled around to take my wallet out.
"Is one point five dollars enough?"
"Dude!" She pointed at the menu sign. "One sandwich costs six bucks!"
I hesitated, looked into my wallet.  I have hundreds dollars, it's not a big deal to give away six dollars.  So I gave her the money, what surprised me is her facial expression.  You couldn't imagine how delighted  she was, probably I will see this for only once in my life.
"Thank you so much young man, god bless you!" Then she walked into the store.  On my way back to hotel, I kept wondering about what I did.  Thinking about her satisfied countenance as she eating the sandwich which is expensive to me, the corner of my mouth raised...

I think that's one of the amazing job I did at NYC, a simple action could make a people's day.
"At least she won't starve tonight.." I thought as I sauntered back to hotel, that's was a freezing cold night, but not anymore...

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