What I hold in my hand. part one.

 Last night I woke up on a counter of a bar, holding a glass of whisky in hand, drunk.  This scene might be normal for most of people but not me, two main reasons: First, I hate bar.  Second, I don't drink alcohol.  So if I loathe a bar, how come I would wake up in a bar? What happened?

  "This proves you are a man now." Jack sitting on my couch holding a shot glass giggling, of course he brought that glass by himself.  Again, I don't drink.
"Very funny... Let's try to be serious, ok?  Do you remember where we went last night?  Why would it turned out getting into a bar, I would reject."
"Hmm... we went for a film, after that we dismissed." He gets serious probably sees my frown, sitting up and stares into my eyes.
"Get that away from me." I say in a stern tone. "You know I hate eye contact, no matter how hard you stare at me, I still will never believe you are a telepathy."
"Who says I am? I never said that... anyway, did you meet anyone else after we dismissed?"
"I...." I am speechless with startle due to I figure out one thing important, I remember nothing!

  How did we star, why did we want to go to a film, with who, what did we order in the theater?  Everything goes blank in my mind,  I don't remember anything!  Actually not everything, luck enough I still remember Jack.
"You ok?" Once again, Jack use that eye contacts which could almost see through you mind.
"Wha..? Oh yeah, I am fine." my mind is dragged back.  Struggling not to think that much, just want to know how come I would say yes when someone asked me if I fancy a shot.

  Ten in the evening, I am laying on the bed staring at ceiling.  I couldn't fall asleep, keep flipping around. I pause when I turn to one side, I see the phone on nightstand.  Something flash through my mind, a film. Just that simple, a film, no matter what kind of.  I just want to see a film, with my best friend, Jack.  Probably I could reexperience the situation last night by going to the same place again, I make the call.

  Two a.m. We met in front of the movie theater.
"So which film do you prefer?" I asked with great energy.
"How about the comedy "Crazy one thousand$"?" He asks with yawn.
I laugh. "You silly, don't you remember? We just saw that days ago, you were even try to be a spoiler to your friend!"  I hope I have never said this sentence, which drag me into a bizarre circumstance.
"What are you talking about?  We have never seen this film before."

A simple response reveals another mystery. (Almost forget about the bar mystery.)

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