What I hold in my hand. part three. ending.

What I see in front of my eyes is a pitch dark, where am I? vaguely I could hear the collide sound of glasses, there's a mild chatting sound turns into bustle.  I open my eyes slowly, what orders in front of my eyes is flourishing light.  Wait, did I just opened my eyes?
"Was I..... sleeping?"
"Sir, take more shots? Seems like you couldn't afford it anymore." The bartender asks with smirk.
"No... I don't.." Wait a minute, am I in a bar? How come?  What happened to the paper and my thought?  I am just about to crack the mystery.
"Sir, could you please tell me I did I get here?"
"You walked in with your friend, though he left first." he says as mopping the glasses.
"I walked in with him, or... he dragged me inside here! Right?"
"Well... technically, "you" drag him inside here.  I still could remember he kept yelling he doesn't drink."
"You get the wrong guy, that's me!  That jerk, he know I never drink."

  I look up at the wall, four in the morning.  It says the date is June twenty third next to the clock, look around there's only me left lying prone on the counter, and the bartender for sure.
"Only two of us left?"
"yes, thank to you I lost my day off last night."
"I am sorry, make this might help." I say as fumbling in my pocket trying to get some bills.  I feel a piece of smooth paper instead, I take it out and take a good look, it's a movie ticket.
"Oh yeah, almost forget we just came back from a comedy." When I take a second look, I am frozen by amazement.
"The ticket.... this ticket.  No, it's impossible!" I scream, fumbling around my jacket pocket trying to get my wallet.  I take out my ID, the cruel truth reveal in front of my eyes in spite of my unbelievingness.
I run to the front of the mirror which inlay in a wall.
"Oh my god..." I touch my face, it feels so... so surreal.

  So it's not a mystery at all, who standing in front of the mirror is my best friend, Jack.  In another word, I am Jack.  So, what have happened all are just my own imagination or hallucination.  But wait... I stare at the counter meditating, there's a better explanation.
 Everything is just about a dream.


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