Everything's such a mess now...

Go to bed around ten thirty, wake up around six thirty?  The answer is my lifestyle.  I finished my Mathematics  sham test of ACT, felt not bad.  Hope the grade would echo my feeling, I want to get a twenty four this time.  (It will be just like American get a thirty I suppose...)

    I paused my novel due to I don't have any extra time to do so, (Also my hobbies... sob, sob...)  The only one thing I could do is sitting in front of a small cabinet (That's my desk!) with a child size piano chair taking the sham tests again and again...

    Also my short film project, I would love to make a new short film.  The experimental short film I have been always talking about, so far I am also waiting for my newest shot gun microphone. (Gezz... you are so slow, when are you arriving?)  I got so many ideas which I would love to write them into novels and make part of them into films.  Anyone who's interesting in film making, too?  I believe a lot... please send me a email so that we could have a nice conversation.

    I almost finish my present goal: Becoming a exchange student.  And my next goal is getting into a film college, like USC, UCLA, Chipman University, NYU and so on... Please! Everybody, wish me the best luck.  Hmm.... I am still busy recently so I guess I will call it a day.  (I will compensate what I should recruit in next article. )

Daily photo:
(Mater! Let me check if this cake is poisonous or not...)

My youtube channel: covinfox the film director
My email address: covinfox the film director
My newest short film: 

Mysterious (horror) independent short film... NIGHTMARE? Presents by covinfox the director


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