Fun fact of cats...

     As usual, I didn't sleep deeply last night due to a mysterious interference.  Here, I am going to reveal what the secret is as I listening to Kenny G.  The answer is: A real cute kitty, wait, he already eighteen years old so I couldn't call him "kitty" anymore. Well, a grandpa cat will bother my sleeping each midnight around three in the morning while I fell asleep into my deep dreamland.  He would sleep on my chest and kept biting my neck tired to wake me up asked me to play with him... So you might want to ask why don't just keep him outside your room? Because  he's too cute to do so! Ahhh.....

    Normally what we would call a person who loves cats a lot a cat's slave in my home country Taiwan.  Unfortunately I am one of them who couldn't escape from this inducing curse, I believe I am going to love cats in my whole life.  

    So I would love to attach a link about fun facts of kitties: Fun fact of cats. Umm.. By the way, please neglect the first one.  If you see it accidentally I would love to declare that only happens in China.

    My life is still as busy as heaven, I used to say hell.  When I think carefully, though I am busy but I love what I am doing. So I changed it from hell to heaven, hope I could make my dream come true as soon as possible. That's all about it today, wish everyone a good day and see you guys tomorrow!~

Photo of the day: My cute cat!~~~


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