A glass of water please.

    That day, my glass was empty.  I clutched the glass up clasped, expected. Expecting a miracle, a miracle that could make me survive.
    "Even a drop would make me satisfied." I barely raised my fatigued and powerless head toward the sky, begging.
    Have you ever imagined a day without water, if you haven't then it's time for you to do so.  I traveled around for the desert gold- water, the technology now could replicate even a single drop of water, but the issue is, I even couldn't' find a single drop.

    The dust covered the whole world, faucet doesn't exist anymore but a bag of high tech plastic bag which could sterilized the water automatically. That was before... those bags scattered everywhere since they became useless. Each day I traveled over a dessert and over, it's a shame the children live in the generation asked what trees are? I would rather to sacrifice everything to exchange our original beautiful world back...

    There I laying prone on the table, eyes widened, frightened. Luckily, it's just a divine dream I had during my nap...

Photo of the day: (My graduation, I hate that annoying cap.)

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My first album: covinfox the film director


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