Happy birthday to myself....

     So literally today is the last day of my eighteenth year, tomorrow is my birthday and I am going to be nineteen years old.  Sigh, since I past my eighteenth, I feel so old and gaunt. So I just came back from a restaurant called "Small grill" where is the place my host parents took me to celebrate my birthday.  It feels awesome tough I didn't express any excitement on my face, because I haven't celebrated my birthday since I was ten plus I am not a good actor, so.... ha ha!

    Oh, I forgot to say why I typed "literally" because I am in the U.S. and because of the time difference, so actual today is my birthday but for me is tomorrow. Unfortunately something depressing happen today, which is I just figured though I possess a MacBook Pro but it's still not good enough for Blender to render some complicated and sophisticated animation.  Gosh, I need to upgrade my laptop.

    I guess my birthday would be like before, living a birthday without any presents but some packs of tissue.  Normally my birthday is on the same date of our final exam, so my friends don't have time to prepare my presents but they don't want to make me feel bad either. What those smartass did was going to the toilet and bought some tissue from the vending machine then gave them to me as "Birthday present".  Actually I would rather them send me nothing...

    I really hope I could get enough budget so I could upgrade my Mac as soon as possible to make more animations. So I start working on my novel and music and sell them to earn some money, hope you guys could also support me! Later I am going to watch the film "Fireproof" which I love to call "Waterproof"and that annoy my host sister a lot!~~ Well, I need to go back to my novel. Here I wish you guys a fantastic night and goodbye!~

Photo of the day:(My NY trip with one of my real good friend.)

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