Hyper morning?

    So I woke up at six thirty this morning as usual, because I got so many works to work on.  Seriously, I would love to know what am I exactly busy on?  I am always busy, but I couldn't see any effort, especially my English! I know it takes time to improve, but I just can't wait! The tests are drawing closer, how come I will have time to wait? Gosh! I wish I could have the super power that I don't need to sleep.

    This morning I ate my typical breakfast: Toast with peanut butter and a banana almost gets molded with TED. Which is a really useful way to learn English, after realizing I don't have enough time I hope I could struggle my best to save as much as I could.  Almost forget, also a good cup of black coffee. I have drunk more coffee since I bought the coffee machine for my parents, though they don't want me to drink any due to I am still eighteen. (Almost nineteen!) Can you imagine how healthy dark coffee is? It gets so many benefits that you could say all of them out.  In case you burn out your brain by thinking all the benefit dark coffee has, I google it for you!

    I talked with my dear friend who I haven't contacted with for almost a decade, I think I like her a lot. Maybe we could start trying to date...  Anyway, she also wasted my study time. (Just kidding.) I was supposed to prepare ACT test but I was skyping with her instead. (I think that's my own fault. ;) ) Also I hope I could have more time to work on my hobbies, especially the short film making, novel writing and CGI making.  Hmm... I think I should go back to study, see you guys tomorrow! Have a nice day~
By the way, I almost forgot! Recently my home country got a really weird phenomenon: Frequent earthquakes and flood. The world is changing, we should keep protecting it not destroying instead!

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