Seriously! What am I busy for?

The healthiest sleeping hour for most of us is seven to eight hours, so normally I went to bed around ten thirty and wake around six thirty. (Except I watch films, and that happened commonly.) Anyway, I woke up around six thirty then made myself a luxuriant breakfast. (Guess what's the content?)

    The ACT test date is getting closer, I hope I could get a higher score than last time.  I got twenty one though which is a not-bad score, but I am a guy who will never satisfy.  I would love to get a twenty seven when I apply to colleges, that also helps me to get more chances to be admitted!

    I am listening to Pandora as typing this blog, that's the best music channel I've ever seen.  I even rent it, plus it's not very expensive.  It's about three bucks a month, but the condition is you must rent a year. (Making a commercial?)

    Tonight steak for supper again, though steak in the State is better than mine. (Taiwan.) But you still will feel tired when you have steak, meat and poultry (I know steak counts.) almost every day!  Where's vegetable? I have to cook vegetable all by myself because no one but me eat vegetable in this host home.

    All right then, seems like it's time for me to get back to study!  Please wish me the best luck to fulfill my dream, so you could see my films in the future time.  For me, it's still a very long way away from my goal, but if I keep working hard and never give up, one day for sure I will must succeed!

My youtube channel: covinfox the film director
My first album on Amazon, iTunes and so on:Imagination of Improvisation
My improvisation: exhausting night.
My newest short film: NIGHTMARE?

Seriously I need your support to keep working on my hobbies, plus I need some budget for my college tuition and a new short film project.  So, please do you best to help me! (Remember, even one buck still helps!  :) )


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