Slap my self to exchange fulfilling my dream...

Yawn... I am so sleepy now! Well, in another word: soporific. Which is a new word I just learned from the film: Sherlock Holmes.  A year almost past, my exchange student almost finish. But it doesn't mean my adventure is going to finish but just begin instead! My next goal is getting into a good film school and my final goal is become a film director in Hollywood. For most of my disagreeable classmates they thought it's impossible for me to success, when they think so I am definitely going to prove them yes I can!

    I think it's time for me to start a new film project, I haven't made new short film for a long time because I was busy for studying for my high school plus ACT test. Seriously it's seriously hard for me who's native language is not English.  I have been striving for two years so I could get wee effort, I need to keept working hard so that I will succeed.

    Nothing interesting happen today except the coffee cups for my coffee arrived, still not attractive enough.  I am taking a break now in case I fall asleep, later I am going to learn the new hobby I just got months ago: CGI animation.  Recently I am learning how to use Blender, wish I could make some good short films by that amazing program.

    I got so many good ideas, and I believe some of them are fantastic! Trust me, if I make them into films they will be such a great hit, a blockbuster! I know it sounds arrogant but it's my confidence, I am always confident no matter what dilemma I meet. I love this personality a lot which give me more chances to succeed! Hope you guys have a dream too and when you get one, please never give up before you make it or them come true! :)  Wish you the best luck! Hope you could also wish me the best luck to fulfill my dream~

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(A simple Taiwanese dish I made, normally we called it: Jumble!)

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