Time glides away without my notice.

    A year past already, but feels like a day past only.  How come time could elapse so fast?  Well, I don't have a reasonable explanation.  Personally I think we had too much fun so we forgot time is elapsing, when we calm down then we would realize time sneak far away from us.  No matter how you couldn't chase them back, so please treasure your time!

    Tonight is the sixth night I have tried to watched a film with my host sister, but she felt asleep all the time.  Maybe I should take some aggressive strategy, like pour a huge pail of ice water on her so something like that... lol

    I got so many things to do, but I think it's time for me to take a rest and find a formal dating date.  (Switched topic..) Next week I am going to take a vacation for about a week, I believe I will have a lot of fun. Also it will be my time to say farewell to my exchange friends, it's won't be a permanent goodbye, we will definitely meet one day. I promised...

    So recently I am busy on my new hobby: CGI animation, I learn how to use it sternly so I could make my very own special animation short film one day, can't wait for the day come! Hmm... that's the reason why the passage on my blog became shorter. (Excuse.)  And now I am heading back to work, so see you guys tomorrow!

Photo of the day: (My second animation work~)

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Mysterious (horror) independent short film... NIGHTMARE? Presents by covinfox the 



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