The twenty seven incantation~

 So I just finished my ACT test this afternoon, definitely it's going to be better than last time. (It must be!) The test location is different and worse than last time, my god! The table is seriously small which could only accommodate a cup of Starbuck coffee cup, you know I am just exaggerating... but it's really small! Anyway, improvement is the main point! Who cares the place sucks or not.  There were only about thirty to forty examinees, and is was a little bit cold inside. (Welcome to my freezer!)

    After the test the first thing I did definitely is cutting my hair, seriously I dislike long hair but the reason why I resisted to cut it due to a superstition: We don't cut our hair when a test is getting closer! I am the one who loves to testify all superstitions but this object me! Which did make me get a lower grade, not a seriously bad grade that makes you want to jump out of the window but a lower grade that you want to jump out of the window... from the first floor~

    Today I brewed a great cup of latte via a new coffee machine I just bought for my parents:

DeLonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circolo Coffeemaker

(I will attach the amazon link above! Love it? Then join me~)
    It's pretty amazing a coffee machine could make such a good coffee! Starbucks might be in dangerous? Not really, I am still one of the huge fan of Starbucks. Thought the coffee there is exaggerating expensive but I love how I could enjoy my time there, sipping a cup of coffee and working on my short films, novels, school assignments  and so on...

I got so many things I would love to type here, but it's pretty late now. So I would love to accumulate all my excitement till tomorrow! ;) Wish you guys a good night~

Photo of the day:

(The deepest hug I've ever had! ;) )

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