Yeah... a new hobby!

Today is my day off, I read no books but kept working on my animation instead.  Sometimes we should take a rest to walk a longer dream road, getting more energy to fulfill our dreams.  The program I used is Blender, which is an amazing program and it is free! So the assignment I gave myself is trying to make tableware, then I spent about two hours to finished. Though it took be a lot of time, but it was my first time and I felt great!

    Last night I was watching a documentary called "The secret" which is a sensational book in the whole world. If you haven't read it yet, please go read it ASAP! Trust me, you will find your own fantastic brand new world.  The book and documentary are seriously inspiring, I hope more people in this world could see it.

    All right, let's get back to this morning. So I was alone at my host home, my host parents went out for father's day and my host sister went out for a date.  I took a break break today, also I finished both seasons of a TV series: Fact or faceted.  It is a very interesting show if you don't think too much, like doubting the crews themselves might even hoax the show.

    Later I am going to watch another film: Fireproof. Though I keep saying waterproof to my host sister that vexed her a lot...LOL

Photo of the day: (My first work.)

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