So the final challenge.. TOEFL?

    Hell yea! Finally after hard working for two years, now I am here dragging closer to my film dream. Finally I have reached the destination: Getting a high score on TOEFL.  Two years ago, there were so many objects I wanted to achieve.  Finally, I have fulfilled most of them: Being a film director, making short film, making new friends, being an exchange student in the U.S., Being a leader and so on... Of course the biggest goal is getting into the film college I would love to get in.

    Now, I am here sitting in front of my desk typing my blog.  But what I am actually thinking in my mind is how to reach a high score on TOEFL test, I have all application profiles I want.  The last one is an attractive score on TOEFL, unfortunately, I didn't do a great job last time.  So this Saturday is my last chance of getting a high score: At least over hundred.

    Still remember the first big film project I mentioned?  Yeah, I got a real cool idea in the train on my way home, too bad I can't tell you what it is yet! (Sorry to keep you guys guessing, probably you could leave your comment below to guess what scene is going to be the beginning on my first film: Maternity. )  I have to keep my passage short recently due to I am really busy recently~ So, that would be all today!

  Covinfox the film director.


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