A new film project started~ HOPE

    So recently I've started to work on a new short film called: "HOPE" which is inspired by the end of the world 12/21/2012, actually I really don't get the reason why I got this idea.  At the very beginning I was thinking something about apocalypse, I want to make a parody about asian education by using end of the world this element, but suddenly things changed positively. 

    So "HOPE" this short film is talking about faith, no matter what happen in our world.  Once we have faith and belief, everything will be fine.  The main story is about after 12/21/2012 the word made everyone live in a specific day indivudually and repeatedly, life seems boring without some else living with you.  You can't meet your family and friends anymore, it feels like it's end of the world.  Everyone keeps pessimistic attitude to their life, but the truth is even if we are in a miseralbe situation.  If we change our attitude keeping a optimistic attitude to everything, no matter what happened everything will be fine becuase we keep a faith, we have hope.
    So far I am still working on this short film, also the interesting part is this is a film project called 111 project as well.  The reason why I call it is because this short film is made by one person, one place, and one photography camera.  I will attach the link of my short filmwhen I am done, hope you guys will love it!~ Thanks! ^^
    Covinfox the film director. (Wenlai KAO)


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