start to think about my score for my short film

    Finally my newest short film almost get to the end, I will finish shooting around in one or two days.  So it's about time for me to start composing score music, I am proud of being able to make music.  Personally I believe if you know more you are more talended, it's a common circumstance.  I hope I could be a talented film director, so I tried my best to learn as much thing as I can! Knowing more means getting more chances to succeed, at least that's what I believe.

    So what kind of score should I make? Well I attempt to make a cinematic score this time but I believe it's going to be a knotty challlenge for me, but I would love to accept this challenge.  I love film score but I've never made any one them before, I hope my first film score will be "listenable".
 Well, I need to wake up early tomorrow because I got so many things to do.  I am glad I got some film cases for my cousin and the president from clubs in my school, I feel like my career is taking off.  Also I hope I could get into the film school I want to go, then getting deeper into my career and succeed as fast as possible!~

    Covinfox the film director. (Wenlai KAO)


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