Short story: Reflection


  At a silent night, everything went dead except the chirp of insects and the whisper of the moon.  A glass of fine red wine hold in my hand, staring the ice melting under the temperature of my palm. 

"What an amazing night" I exclaimed softly, felt the breeze brush through my cheek. I went into my dream land under the care of night goddess, that night I had an amusing dream.  I dreamt my self standing right next to a huge pool, the pool was so huge, big enough to let you have an illusion that the water in the pool is sea.  So broad, deep, unreachable, stretching to the endless horizon.  The moonlight lit up the surface of the pool, something blurred emerged.  I approached to the pool, I saw my own reflection in the pool.  But my reflection seems unhappy, depressed, and stressful.
"That is your inner emotion, your true feeling." A voice from nowhere whispered around my ears.  I know I am pretending, feigning happiness.  I have a dream seems impossible to make it come true, that's why I am unhappy.
"I think I did a great job on this, didn't I?" No response but silence and the giggle of moon.  I raised my head gazing at the night sky.
"A metaphor, isn't it?" I whisper to myself. "Maybe I should stop pretending." Sun rose, the amicable night faded...


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