New beginning~~

well, this is my first short film, but actually I am not very satisfied with this, I give this short 70 scores and there are the reason:

first: I got bad actors, (encluded me). Even one of the actor who is seriously bad at English, and I have teach him for hours.

sceond: I finished it for a week, to me, it's kind of rush!! I need more time to trim details.

Third: I forgot why, but just feel unsatisfied.

This short is also a report for my Nursing and Health class, and that's the first time I played this short. My teacher loved it so much and whole calss of my classmates they all like it, too. Especially the beginning and the Ending. They thought the conversation between two of my idiot friends is kind of boring. I am touched so much by their supporting.... thank you guys, I will try harder, and I believe I will succeed one day.



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