Ideas rush into my head.....

2011/10/1 Sat.
Today I got a lot of great ideas, plus keep being as a half-yes man, try my best to say yes to every invitation. Why half? For example:
“Hey, fox! Do you fancy a pint?”
“Sorry, dude. I already drank two cups of coffee, can’t get any more caffeine. “
Sounds like excuses, but not.
Ok, I kept staying at home till two p.m. my friend came to find me go get some donuts, we got a new donut shop around here.  Something is so funny for me happened, here’s the story. While we were sitting in the donut shop, I told my friend: The donuts here are really good, but you know.  MY neighbor who opened a new donut shop, too.  Maybe we can go to his place next time. When I got home, I realized the donut shop we went is his place. LOL~
Around four, we went to David’s college picnic party, that was really interesting, I met a lot of good person there, we stayed there until eight.

And about my great ideas, I want to make some documentaries about climate changes, and I am going to make a documentary called” hundred laughs”  What’s that about? Just wait and see…… Plus I have an idea of new short film called” NIGHTMARE?” Hope I can finish it before Halloween…… But I think it’s hard! Ok, that’s what happened today, see you guys tomorrow, and wish you a good night! 

Ok, as usual, next is........ picture time!

                                 Mommy, can we keep this as pet?
              Ok, this is such a great historical time!!! This.... the first time to be in the MC in U.S.!!
                          People, as long as I am here.... be afraid! Um... I mean don't!
                             The beautiful fountain and the sky, and a good photographer...
                              They are so beautiful..... oh yeah! You mean those umbrellas?
                                 I guess he was wandering:Where the marshmallow goes?
                                This is my first time to see a joker from other place, not the poker anymore..


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