Hi! fellows. It's me covinfox the director again:
  I haven't checked my blog for a long time because I am extremely busy recently. ><  So far, I am working on a new short project called "NIGHTMARE?" I want to accentuate again! This is not a horror short, this is just a mysterious and a little bit creepy one! Hope you will like it. Predict it will be finished in next February. I started this project since this August.

Well..... loneliness and homesickness found me recently, I started to miss my home~ It's the second month of being an exchange student in U.S.  I can feel that I am finalizing my dream. My American dream.

Oh! By the way, this short will participate the film festival in my school: Manhattan high. Hope it will turn out a good result. And I got the idea of my second short, but I would love to concentrate on the first one first! ^^


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