The last day of my happiness....

All right, Sunday, the last day of Thanksgiving holidays.  Indeed, time elapse pretty fast, it feels like you have only two days vacation.  I really dislike school, just can't get the reason why, just.... hate it.  Anyway, good news for myself (Probably included you guys) is that I almost finish the opening of my short film.  Can't wait to see it when it is done.  It will be awesome!!! (Well, for myself.)

Recently I found out I love to watch old films because they give me great inspiration.  I could have more ideas for my new short films.  So far I have eleven ideas about my new films.  But under my low budget condition, it's impossible to make it.  So I decide to make them become novels first.  Hope you guys will like it. :)

By the way, is it really odd for eating pie in the morning?  I am just curious.... Normally we eat some pie as breakfast in Taiwan.  Once again, another culture shock.  Interesting, amusing but just can't get use to it.

My youtube link: covinfox the director.
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